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The Grove (as we usually call it) is located in the centre of Horsforth set just back from Town Street. For the past 150 years we have been very much part of  Horsforth community life and still are today.

Central Chapel 'Prims' is located on the original chapel site (Built in 1846 - Now demolished) higher up Horsforth Town Street opposite the Horsforth Library (Mechanics Institute) which now also incorporates the Leeds City Council 'Hub' facilities.

We are always ready to welcome new friends to The Grove and Central & invite you to join us in worship or in the many other activities we offer.

Do have a look at our website to find more about who we both are,what we are about and what we might be able to offer to you and to the community.

Worship Suspended
  • Coronavirus

    In light of the guidance given by the Government and the Methodist Church nationally we are sorry to announce that all public worship is suspended until further notice.

    On the next page we have produced a list of resources people may find helpful for private prayer and worship. There are also some resources for families to use with children.

    Rev Mark Godfrey says if anyone would like to contact him about anything he is happy to be contacted by email: revmgodfrey@gmail.com or phone 0113 258 2678.

  • Prayer at 11:00am daily

    The Bible Fellowship group invites you to join them daily, in your home, at 11:00am, to pray for the world and each other at this time. We pray or mediate on scripture for 20 - 30 minutes and finish with The Grace. Chris has written a few notes to assist our Bible reading which can be found below :-

    Weekly Bible Reading

    (The following are just suggestions you do not need to follow it if it is not helpful to you)

    Before you start I would recommend finding somewhere you can relax and still yourself. I would suggest reading the scripture slowly and as you do reflect on the questions below.

    1.         What stands out to you or challenges you in the passage of scripture?

    Why does it stand out to you?

    2.       What emotions or thoughts do you pick up on in the scripture?

    How do you feel when you are reading it?

    3.     How do you feel God is speaking to you through the scripture?

    Prayerfully spend some time talking to God about the thoughts or feelings you picked up or experienced while reading the scripture.

    I would also strongly encourage to contact other members from the church or the Thursday group and discuss with them what you got from the reading.

  • Minister's Letter April 2nd 2020

    Dear Friends,

    It has been suggested that I might write a letter each week while we’re unable to meet together so that is what I am proposing to do. This will be posted on the church website but will also be posted out with the weekly service resources to those who are not on the internet. We already have a list of those to whom we are sending resources but if you know of others who should be included please let me know.

    People can be very fickle, we change our minds a lot. A T shirt that looked wonderful in the shop suddenly looks different when we get it home. We change our minds frequently, that’s really what fickleness means. I think fickle is a good word, but it isn’t a good thing to be.

    Being fickle is very human, crowds can often be very fickle. I remember reading about the Bristol crowd during the Civil War. When Sir William Waller, the Roundhead general occupied the town they came onto the streets and gave him a huge welcome. But less than a month later Prince Rupert occupied the town for the Royalists. The crowds were back on the streets again giving an equally enthusiastic welcome. It isn’t only true in the past. In 1996 Leeds played Aston Villa in the League Cup final. When Howard Wilkinson led the Leeds players onto the pitch he was given a huge cheer. When the match ended and Leeds had lost 3-0 Howard Wilkinson was booed as loudly as he was cheered before.

    What about that crowd who welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem? They shouted and yelled their welcome, they were really enthusiastic, they were full of hosannas and glory to God. They really yelled their heads off and waved their palm branches around. A few days later they shouted something very different. Then they were all shouting “Crucify him, crucify him”.

    We sometimes think they must have been especially wicked people, to change their minds so quickly. But these people weren’t that different from us inside, they weren’t especially evil or wicked. They were just ordinary men and women, people just like us in many ways.

    We can be fickle sometimes, we let our friends down, we change our minds, we break our promises. Sometimes we do the same with God, we let him down, we break our promises to him. However we know that though we sometimes let him down, God never lets us down.

    With best wishes,




Horsforth Grove & Central Methodist Churches - Services suspended until further notice. They are normally at:

10:30 am Morning service
2nd Sunday Parade & All Age Worship, except April, August, September and November

6:00 pm Evening Service alternates with Horsforth Woodside Methodist Church

9:00 am Holy Communion (2nd Sunday in the month only) 

Central Methodist Church

10:30 am Morning Service

Evening Services

6:00 pm alternate between the Horsforth Methodist Churches.

Horsforth Churches Together Lent Groups

HCT will be running Lent groups starting the week beginning March 2nd. The groups will be an oppportunity to study The Journey to the Cross Lent course with Christians from other churches. CANCELLED

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